Friday, 7 October 2011

Gomennasai teaser!

Here's the link:

I have to say! Ahhhhhhhhh I cringed at so many moments in it! not because it looked awful but...
it looked awesome! It was creepy and scary which is how it should be!
And the Chisato scream really made me laugh and all of these other scary moments..

Damn this.. I reaaaally want to watch it now ahhhhhhh


I was scared before I even clicked on it xD

miya-sama....chou kowai!
her acting really impressed me, I never thought she was a great actress before
but this role really suits her
I can't wait!

but xD I wonder how I'll get through it
I'm scared from the trailer...what about the film? xD
but for the sake of Buono! I MUST watch this

btw what did you hear a mini preview of DEEP MIND
what did you think?
intense ne

btw Usaa is verrrry sorry for not being active lately
my computer has crashed =3=
amongst other things

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