Sunday, 9 October 2011

Buono! - DEEP MIND LQ song preview

it's quite lq, but better than nothing ne
to me, it sounds like they're performing live...
but I don't think they would be

upon hearing this a second time
I have to say I like it more
the catchiest part is still the chorus

funnily enough I'm not as excited for this as their other singles
I think it's cause I don't know when the release date is
and I want to know what they're wearing first
but at least they have a dance shot! hope it's good
this pleased many fans, I know many were complaining how they don't like no dance shots
but tbh, the previous two songs didn't need a dance..esp natsu dakara, it was a slow song, a dance might have made it worse

anyway, I can't rate it until a better quality ver comes out
until then

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