Saturday, 4 June 2011

Berryz Kobo - Ai no Dangan Covers + Bside Preview


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

hmm I think my favourites are Limited A and Limited C
Esp Limited A for Miyaness~ and Limited C for Yurina and Masaa, they look extra stunning
the covers are pretty cool! love the backgrounds and graphics
and wao Miyabi's hair looks blonde in the Limited

aaand this is pretty random, but I have a feeling H!P and Johnny's has the same costume designer..
A picture from Hey! Say! JUMP's performance of their new single OVER that identical or what?
They were on Music Japan and when they first appeared on stage I actually thought Berryz! xD
but then I was like oh its HSJ~~ but it didn't hit me straight away why the costumes looked familiar
then after staring at the red and black I though ooh Ai no Dangan!
but yeah I thought it was pretty funny xD
as you can see Red and Black is favoured by guys and girls in Japan
I would love if HSJ and Berryz appeared on the same show in those costumes!

B-side Radio Rip

hmm it's too short for me to give an opinion, but I like it so far

Ah I agree with UsaTEN, my favourite covers are Limited A and C~ pretty cool covers over all though.
Also the preview song... I like it! But I can't help it..
I keep thinking they're saying: Buono~ Buono~
Hahaha imagine..

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