Wednesday, 1 June 2011

C-ute - Oricon Ranking

The weekly results are ooutt
and C-ute gets a 6th!
not bad not badd
I forget what their previous single was, but not far off I think.
soo congrats C-ute!
may one day you'll get to number 1~

and this isn't related at all, but I hear that Akb's single has broken records now
and whenever Akb's single is released, you know they'll be number 1, its hard to beat them
I think only a couple of Johnny's group does, and SNSD is getting close..xD
and I myself prefer Johnny's and SNSD xP

Ooo not bad at all! and wao Laser Beam dropped even... 
I was watching J-melo and saw these three girls in sailor-styled clothes and I thought kyaaa that looks so cute! Who are they?
*Everyday Kachuusha comes on* 
AHHHH it's AKB!!!
And they're all dancing around in their bikinis ahah.................. one day H!P one day..

1 comment:

  1. Ah, i was really pleased considering people had been saying it hadnt done well
    jsut goes to show h!p are still doing well :D
    nothing can seem to top AKB though... ;A;