Sunday, 5 June 2011

S/mileage - Tsunku talks about Auditions

“I’m looking for members who seem like they’ll motivate S/mileage and Hello! Project. I might even pull girls from the Eggs (Hello! Project trainees). I’ve been thinking of adding Eggs into S/mileage. Basically, I’m looking for their appeal to the public.”

Tsunku also confirmed that he would add at least one, but not more than six girls to S/mileage after auditions are over. “Three or four sub-members, and one or two normal members,” he said to the press. “If I add six members, they’ll all be sub-members, but if there’s a girl who’s outstanding I’ll make her a main member.”

omg he's gonna turn them into AKB!
but it does sound like it with the 'sub' members
if you ask me he's totally complicating it
and if he does want a workshop thing, then he should make a new group
I actually feel bad for S/mileage cause now their groups like thrown into confusion
and I don't care if he said their group number isn't fixed, it's still a surprise considering he said no more on it.
I swear with Berryz he mentioned more about swopping the members than he did with S/mileage

but nonetheless I am curious to see the new members.
and the audition ends on June 25th, so thats quite a short time! would he really have found enough people by then? or was he mainly going to put more eggs

also I think Tsunku was bored, because now he seems to have his hands full with Momusu auditions aand S/mileage auditions
and he probably wants to compete with AKB...


  1. When I found out he was adding at the most, 6 new members - I was completely dumbfounded.
    I mean, you saw S/Mileage's face when it was announced. They looked so shocked (and not the good kind either) :/

    I agree with having another group instead.
    It'd make a lot more sense.
    I felt S/Mileage were just coming into their own and it really messes up things for them.

    Oh Tsunku..

    he should just make another bloody unit if he wants another 6 girls, jeez XD

    This is gonna push the original 4 out of the spotlight which is really unfair D: either that or it will just mess up the "closeness" of the group if you know what i mean. ;;

    oh well, i guess im exited to see the new members. XD