Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Polls! From the 10th Gen what would you like the most?

it's a landslide!
Amazing Vocals 58% (59)
Funny Personality 16% (17)
I don't care, I didn't want new members yet 7% (8)
Pretty Face/Good Dancer 6% (7)
Mature Mind 2% (3)
Total Votes 101

I totally agreee, Ai atm is the powerhouse, with her gone, they'll suffer a blow
and over time Gaki and Reina who will be the main vocals will leave and who does that leave?
Riho is ok, but she's still young and has a lot to learn. we need a Miki!
lol at I don't care coming third
and looks like people don't care about mature mind xD but then again all of Momusu are pretty hyper and crazy

wow I think this is my shortest poll post yet!
thanks for everyone who voted!
now for the next poll
What do you think of Tsunku?
he's made some pretty dramatic decisions lately, and do you agree?
please vote^^

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