Monday, 20 June 2011

~Buono! Natsu Dakara! Covers~

From the H!O forums~ <3
Oh my goshhhh I loove it~ it seems so fresh and cooling just to look at it @w@
and the new logo's cool too~ I can't see it too much but so far I think the Single V is my favourite.
Although I don't know if I approve of the normal edition. Airi's in the middle again and she's more forward (reminds me of Shock!) I would have thought it'd be Miyabi's turn to be in the middle by nooooow right?
Well.... I like Limited B too anyway haha
what are you favourites?

(And apologies for the lack of translations...I'm actually more busy than expected ayah)

Yay covers!
my faves are Limited A and B
and oh yeah I didn't notice that Airi is closer to the camera in the regular, but now that Risu mentioned it, it's reallly obvious. plus the regular has a cheap background =.=
for the Limited I think Airi looks funny xD
I really hope the PV is not a cheap one, or at least an overly cheap one
if they're supposed to go outdoors then please take them outdoors! no more of those computer effects onegaai!! xD

we see their outfits more clearly! come to think of it Miyabi's reminds me of her Heroine one xD; I might like this one more, but I can't see it so clearly

and oh yeah they changed their name design
it's cool and funky!
but I hope they didn't desert their old design, cause that's classic Buono

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  1. I like all of them XDD
    Berryz's new single is coming soon right?
    how about c-ute's? :D