Saturday, 4 June 2011

HelloPro! TIME - Epsiode 6 Sayumi, Kanon and Miyabi

Sayumi - Cooking
Kanon - S/mileage audition announcement
Miyabi - Behind the scenes of Ai no Dangan

tbh I skipped most of the video and mainly watched the Berryz scene
though I caught glimpses of stuff

wow Sayumi has a square pan! so cool xD and it looks like the non stick ones, verry useful
and we see Reina and Aikaa
good to see Aika feeling better, I actually had a dream a while back and I saw Aika and I asked her how was her ankle..xD so random

Yuuka's face from the announcement was quite funny xD
though I'd probably react like them thinking wth?!
and..I have a feeling is Tsunku trying to make them like Momusu? maybe so maybe so

and Berryz!
xD lol Chii when she first appeared looked like a funny Mummy, scary and amusing at the same timee
Masaa's slipper lol and scary Momo!
Risako's the sleeping beauty xD
Love how Miyabi goes round to see each member, group lovee~

can't wait to next one, where Masaa and Risako go to a Cosplay Cafe~
wish this was subbed

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