Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I'm officially back! yatta~
no more examsss! phew it feels good that I don't have to do anything...(until school starts again later this week =.=)

but I wanted to thank you all for the lovely good luck messages you left us!
thank you thank you thank you!
and I'm sure some of you had exams to do too, hope they went well!

I thiink mine went ok...I sure hope so, I had nothing completely disastrious, except one, but its a subject no one really cares about..general studies xD
I have little knowledge on current affairs, so it was pretty hard trying to write an essay on democracy in the UK over the last 50 years >< I feel sorry for whoever marks my exam, have fun trying to make sense of the rubbish I wrote
aand well, physics was prettttyyy hard, actually incredibly hard! *siigh*

oh well I have a while until doomsday (results) so I shall forget about it until then!

thank you everyone for being patient^^

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  1. yeiiiihhh...!! risusaten is back...!! i hoped this momement... your absence was soo long... sorry for my english if it fails... greetings from venezuela...