Monday, 30 May 2011

Buono! - New Channel Video

aitai yo buono!

xD lol Miyabi proper pushed Momo aiyaa
and Airi, and her mumbling xDD
poor Momo, they're always picking on you

such a cute vid!
and I thiink that's there costumes for the new single, not bad
love Miyabi's heir and hat!
and was Airi singing the tune to their new single?
sounds good anyhow

A-ah.. I just saw this on my youtube and thought.. must update RisusaTEN!
O_o; beat me to it..
anyway ahhh I've missed them~ Apparently this new song is..refreshing haha
and I'm loving the outfits..from what I can see, Momo's is my favourite so far,
and I loved the beginning with them pushing each other haha~
The most beautiful 19 year old, popular amongst relatives~ Momo!
The most beautiful 18 year old ,popular amongst families~ Miya!
The most beautiful17 year old, popular amongst siblings~ Airi!

If that little tune that Airi sang is part of Natsu Dakara! (Yes it has an exclamation mark~)
then I already have it in my head haha

can't waiit~

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  1. I love Buono! They always make me laugh so much. Can't wait for their next single.