Sunday, 29 May 2011

Oricon's Everlasting Female Idols

Who is the most everlasting female idol?
10. Moritaka Chisato/Kawai Naoko
9. Matsuura Aya
8. AKB48
7. Pink Lady
6. Nakayama Miho
5. Nakamori Akina
4. Morning Musume
3. Koizumi Kyoko
2. Yamaguchi Momoe
1. Matsuda Seiko

Who is the most everlasting female idol? – 20 Year Olds
5. Matsuura Aya
4. AKB48
3. Yamaguchi Momoe
2. Morning Musume
1. Matsuda Seiko

See this shows that H!P beats AKB in experience~
and they stand the test of time xD
maybe soon Berryz can be on there xD 7 years and still going strong!
I'm happy to see Ayaya there, though I don't hear much about her sadly =(

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