Thursday, 5 May 2011

Berryz Kobo - Seattle Interview Translated

lol..I'm supposed to be on a hiatus..xP
From Tokyohive, credit to them^^

my fave question
- Please choose another member of the group and tell us your favorite part of their personality.

Momoko to Maasa: Maasa has started to do a lot of MCing now. Whenever she starts, the whole place brightens up. Also, she’s so pretty!

Maasa to Saki: Saki is always watching the whole picture, so that’s why she’s the captain. She is co cute. Sometimes, I feel like we’re sisters.

Saki to Miyabi: Miyabi is always looking for ways to improve other people’s moods, as she likes to make others happy. She really cares about other people.

Miyabi to Chinami: Her smile is the best. She has the most positive power in Berryz Koubou.

Chinami to Yurina: Her stories are so funny because sometimes they are all over the place, but this is my favorite part about her. When she talks, it makes everybody happy. I think fans feel the same.

Yurina to Risako: She is the sexiest even though she’s so young. And she’s also very caring.

Risako to Momoko: Momoko knows about herself, she has a strong opinion. She sticks to her ideas all the way.

they're so close<3

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