Tuesday, 3 May 2011

~Preview- Ai no Dangan- Berryz Koubou!!!!

So soon! I'm liking it already~ though the PV is...well I guess it's expected. The video is pretty funny itself actually!
Who's the cutest one here?
Momo: HERE!!
Captain: Stop that.. (xDD)

And then after the arm wrestling..
Guy 1: I think it's because this girl (Momo) was here
Maasa: Ah don't say something like that (or literally: you saying that, I hate it )
Momo: *shocked face* So mean!!!!

Classic Momo bullying as always aww ♥


lol those two presenters were funny
here's a longer preview~

wow their outfits are sekushii xD
I'm loving the line distribution
and if the PV will feature another shot rather than just dance and close up I'd say this will be a great single^^

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