Friday, 6 May 2011

C-ute - Momoiro Sparkling

tbh I'm a bit disappointed
but first I want to make it clear I'm not blaming/bashing C-ute themselves
just Tsunku and whoever did the PV xD
From the bright clothes I was really looking forward to a bright PV it me or were there like no lights? when I was watching it, I thought the set looked a bit dark and dim...

and well I really wanted an outdoors one! nice and bright
like Campus Life or Shochuu Omimai (the mm's reminded me of that song xD)

not my fave PV as you can guess xD
the set was just soo cheap! the special effects didn't even pro...
even though I thought Kiss me Aishiteru PV was a bit on the cheap side, they had a really cool dance and catchy tune to make up for it, whilst here the tune of the's like a bit genki, but not hyper, average tempo

but on the other hand C-ute all looked really nice, love Chisato's hair and their facials and actions were really cute

Hmm from the preview I saw earlier, I didn't expect much either
though it was better than what I thought since you had plenty of cute moments from the members.. example.. Mai's wink and Nakkii's Yay! etc.
But yes.. as for me, I was thinking of an indoor pv but like in a room with lots of bright decorations to match their outfits. Well I guess this is what you expect from..low budget pvs =w=;;
But it's not too bad I guess and the song is only ok still too~
I guess this time Berryz is winning for me this time in this release!


  1. It's like something's missing. Most of Hello Project videos seem to have really low budgets but look at Tokaikko Junjou (amazing) and Namido No Iro. Those had that spark that pulled them together. I don't know what Tsunko and the UFA owner (don't know his name) are thinking sometimes. I am really beginning to think that both of them might be cheezy pedofiles, and I mean in reality. Tsunko did produce these songs but the psychologically suggestive lyrics about love, kissing, and other adult situations with young girls and his constant insertion of his own strange vocals in the background music makes him into a bizarre character. The thing that made me not like him even more is when C-ute won the best new artist award a few years ago for Tokaikko Junjou and Tsunko, not the C-ute group themselves, went on stage to the world to accept the award while the girls offered only a faux teary eyed commentary in their dressing room (though they did perform the song on stage, it was awkward, it was if they were hired to perform the song and go away). I'm sure most of the groups are paid very little too. I wish some investigative reporter from the US or UK would corner these guys in a interview regarding their agency and the girls they employ.

  2. Usaa
    yeahh, I agree
    I used to admire Tsunku, how he managed to choose the H!P kids when they were so young and produce mannny songs
    but ever since Junjun and Linlin's graduation, I stopped, it was like he forced them out!

    maybe he should have someone else to write songs with him, it'll mix things up and direct the PVs, he doesn't get that a good PV mades a big difference xD;

    and I dunno why, but it's like he's holding C-ute down, they're sooo popular yet he doesn't give them as much. yeah and Tokkaikou Junjou and Namido no iro had an amazing dance to go with it not to mention catchy tune