Sunday, 8 May 2011

Morning Musume - 10th Generation Auditions

Starto! ends 13th June 2011

well when I first saw this I was kinda surprised, but then I remembered Ai's leaving
though it's so soon after 9th gen...
I predicted that they'll probably be 2 new members, aand apparently that's exactly the number they were looking for, oo I'm good xD
age range is 10-17
I really hope they're not 10..cause I think that's a bit too young
I think ideally 14-16 to bridge the age gap

they are looking for girls with positive personalities and confidence to boost Japan’s mood
so I'm expecting a super genki girl as one at least xD

man if only I was in Japan I'd audition xD
but alas it's a continent away

they'll join after Ai leaves, so I'm thinking Tsunku's has high expectations to keep Momusu up to standard
and maybe another egg will join...

I'm excited about this news, though I think this time I should not get really high hopes just in case


  1. I hope they get another genki girl like Koharu! We really need someone like that I think :3
    I'd like someone a little older, too ;A;

  2. I mostly go with "Funny Personality" but since we got Zukki here, I'll choose "Pretty 'Face'"