Sunday, 8 May 2011

Polls! Which is your favourite cover single?

Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu 54% (51)
Dschinghis Khan 22% (21)
Pepper Keibu 9% (9)
Hyokkori no Hyoutanjima 7% (7)
Watarasebashi 5% (5)
Total Votes 93

First off thanks for voting~~
hmm I actually like all these songs, though funnily enough I used to not like Pepper Keibu, or not have much opinion of it anyways, it's not even on my ipod
but when I posted all the PVs then I watched it properly, and though, oh it's quite good actually xD

Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu (I remember having a lot of difficulty with that name xD) is a really summery song, it's really cute too^^
the PV was lovely too
I like how simple it is~

I love Hyokkori no Hyoutanjima's PV
if I hadn't watched the PV first then I probably wouldn't have liked the song as much

Watarasebashi is a really nice ballad~
there was this peformance with Aya and Goto Maki performing it together, it's a really good song live
shows off their voices

the song I probably listen to the most is Dschinghis Khan, and I actually really didn't like the song at first
found it too strange xDD but after watching the PV where they all look really pretty
I gradually liked it more

next poll will be a longer one because exams are starting and I probably have little time to go on (or I'd have to stop myself from going on and study xP)
and inspiration just hit me just now for the next poll xD
From the 10th Gen what would you like the most?
Amazing Vocals
Pretty 'Face'
Good Dancer
Funny Personality
Mature Mind
I don't care, I didn't want new members yet

sorry for really random titles xD
the Pretty 'Face' would be kinda like Koha, who was the image girl
the rest should explain itself
please vote

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