Tuesday, 24 May 2011

PV~ Ai no dangan- Berryz Koubou

It's oouuut!!

I  have to say..although it's a pretty simple PV..
It's pretty cool! I like the effects and everything but what really stands out are just the girl's beauty @w@
At first I wasn't really fond of Captain's look but hey she had her sexy moment haha..
Loving Maasa's curly hair and Momo's side pony tail
but who looks the prettiest here for me?
It definitely has to be Risako!
She looks gorgeous here honestly.. so clean and beautiful ^_^

On an not-so-related topic..
Buono!'s title of their new single has been announced to be:
Natsu Dakara!

In which I'd translate it as: 'Cause it's Summer!
..Well I don't think it has an exclamation mark exactly but I just get that image.
I think it'll be a pretty genki song this time don't you?
Anyway, Usagi and I are still working hard on our exams..maybe her more so than me hehe
Please hold on for us
and reaaally, thank you for your patience!


haad to comment on this!
omg its out!!! I was freaking out when I saw
this time I didn't really think much about when the pv would be released
so it's a nice surprise^^
and I didn't expect much from this PV
so it's a nice surprise that it turned out much better than I imagined!
so so so cool! motorbikes! (though I think they should have all rode it)
I loove the screen effects especially when they come out from behind the screen and when they're in front of themselves singing xD
I like Chii's and Momo's hair~ much prefer this hairstyle than her normal ponytails
and I have to agree with Risu, Risako looks stunning!
she's blossoming..
seriously she was adorable when she younger and now she's gorgeous still, life's unfair..xD
but someone else who was stunning was Masaa! I love her hair! it's simple but so effective! (like this PV) and she looks really pretty here
we see the raven haired beauties standing out xD
love this song and PV!

and yaay! buono single! absolutely cannot wait!
the title reminds me of Take it Easy, cause of the summer theme xD
I'm guessing it'll be an upbeat song. hope previews come out soon^^

and thank you sooo much for all your supporting messages^^
cheered me up after revision (bleee)
I have done 5 and still have 4 more to go =.=

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  1. I know, I love this PV! The girls look so great <3