Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kawaii Girl Japan's H!P Love

just had to share this cause of the H!P love
wooow the first girl tried so many times! I haven't heard her dance or sing, but I'd think she would have been an interesting member
xD love the middle girl for her Buono! love
it would be funny if Momoko saw this, and I hope all of Buono! would to know they definitely inspired one person^^


  1. Ah.. Who are they? Idol also? and what the purpose of program Kawaii Girl Japan? could you please tell me.

    The Video seem funny though

  2. Usaa
    I'm not 100% sure myself xD but their description says
    'Kawaii girl Japan is a music community site that links Japan and the world together.
    This site is established to introduce and expand Japan’s unique culture of “Kawaii” in idols, artists, voice actresses and entertainers as well as to seek the next generation of new stars.'

    so I think just a idols news website which has affliates such as these three
    their website is here^^

  3. The girl on the right (in the armour) is Erika Ura from Nakano Fujo Sisters~
    The girl in the middle is Aikawa Kozue from DANCEROID~ (I love her and DANCEROID ;A; Omg.)
    The girl on the left is Rena from Vanilla Beans (a duo idol unit).


  4. OHH and Kawaii Girl Japan is a YouTube and website network that builds a bridge between Japanese idols and their international fans, so it gives us exclusive interviews, promotions etc all with English subtitles and also allows us to buy merchandise from overseas :3

  5. Thank a lot for the answer.