Friday, 13 May 2011

~Preview: Ai no Dangan- Berryz Koubou

Sorry for my absence!!! I've been studying hard =w=; (yeah right)
Anyway~ what do you guys think?
If I'm being honest, I don't find it amazing since it reminds me of Otakebi Boy WAO a little bit but it's still pretty good right? I'll probably have to listen to it more to get into it
8/TEN -RisuTEN

I really like this song~
I think it's cool how the layouts kinda reversed
they sing the chorus separately but the verses together

it's much calmer than their previous singles and the mood's really different^^
and wao Saki's and Momo's high notes, they're the sopranos xD
bit dubious about the pv from the preview though

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