Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blatant Unfairness

I though this picture sums up quite nicely the ranks of the groups
25nin H!P

So order of importance (i.e. Tsunku's favourite's)
1) Morning Musume
2) S/mileage
3) Mano Erina
4) Berryz Kobo
5) C-ute

How can I tell? simple look at their outfits
Look how much more design and variety (and money) Momusu's outfits has compared the C-ute who's at the bottom of the list

Seriously C-ute's is white, just white! There's not even a variation like Berryz
But of course C-ute still look stunning whatever they wear.
But it's pretty unfair

Berryz is a step up, there's different designs, but you can't see it that clearly
They look stunning also~

And then Mano, with her stripes and two colours

S/mileage gets checks even

and Momusu well I already talked about them and their expensive clothes xD

But I mean it's not just clothes that is unfair, the clothes are just a symbol of unfairness
I mean Singles and attention wise the order's pretty much the same
though now I think it's S/mileage first theen Morning Musume...
S/mileage get's more promo than Berryz and C-ute put together
so what if they're new? H!P Kids shouldn't be neglected!
Being a Kids fan I am highly annoyed xD Risu will say the same

and I guess recently we haven't been posting also due to lack of interesting news
all we see is S/mileage and Momusu...

Well there you have it Blatant Unfairness
(though it is a nice photo)

P.S. you can tell how much I put off doing my homework xP

*Coughs* well actually I like C-ute's outfits the best...

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  1. i agree that their outfit kinda unfair sp to

    c-ute(their my fav) n its akward thatthey dressd

    c-ute this way since tsunku said their h!p power

    and their r his fave after mm (his ultimate )