Wednesday, 1 September 2010

[H!P Interview]

Something I happen to stumble upon~ xD
Bandnames translated by Risu
Names translated by Usagi
Questions translated by unknown

This seems fun so Risu and I decided to take part too~
Usaa Risu

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Most Popular
1)Okai Chisato/ Hagiwara Mai/ Maeda Yuuka/ Fukuda Kanon (5)
Hmm for me I'd love to see Miyabi and Eri in a unit together cause I think their voices would sound awesome~ um maybe called NatsuKame? xD
2-1) Takahashi Ai (9)
Miyabi! Her voice is amazing
2-2) Shimizu Saki (12)
I have to agree here, Captain wins
2-3) Michishige Sayumi (12)
Momoko~ I'd love to be able to understand her radio show
Linlin's interesting too
2-4) Linlin/ Tsugunaga Momoko/ Michishige Sayumi (3)
2-5) Kumai Yurina (6)
Hmm looks, so many pretty members!
Miyabi, Chinami, Reina, Maimi, Airi
2-6) Natsuyaki Miyabi (9)
3) Sudou Masaa/ Sugaya Risako/ Hagiwara Mai (3)
Hmm probably have to skip this one...
4) Takahashi Ai (7)
I think Reina would be a really cool sister!
5) Hagiwara Mai (6)
Ano..maybe Chisato/Risako
6) Sudou Masaa (5)
Junjun! xD
7) Okai Chisato/ Maeda Yuuka (4)
Chii would be cute xD maaybe Yuuka/Ayaka
8) Tsugunaga Momoko/ Niigaki Risa (4)
9) Kamei Eri/ Sugaya Risako/ Nakajima Saki (4)
I actually have no idea..xD;
10) Maimi (6)
I think I'd pick Maimi too

this was really interesting, I hope they do more of these stuff~
if you want to do answer these questions please do! leave a comment with your answers, we'd be interested to know^^

Most Popular

1)Well you can obviously see who the favourites are in H!P With pairings like Chii and Maimi, Airi and Risako and the Tanaka gang... haha ..I think I'd really want to see a Chisato and Momoko actually! Well actually the Tanaka Arm Corps is pretty interesting too...yankii music? interesting...

2-1)Erm I probably agree with Takahashi Ai! (Though I'm also bias into saying Airi and Momoko)

2-2)Of course it has to be Captain!!

Momoko of course! she's also interesting to listen to haha

2-4) Oh oh oh dear.. it has to be Momoko, Miyabi and Airi...Buono of course. Hahaha
But actually I think Maimi too has a pretty cute character don't you think?

Ahh! I'd agree with Kumai!! But I also have to say Airi, Captain, Chii, Miyabi, Reina and maybe Nakkii sometimes!

2-6) Erm... I don't really know. Haha..? Nakkii?

3) *coughs* Miyabi and Momoko.. haha

4) Chisa? She's such a good big sister! Or Maimi/Momoko even

5) Mai Mai <33 though er I think it'd be interesting to have Kumai as my younger sister *laughs*

6) Maasa!!!! or Maimi evennn

7) Paaah Airi!! Kappa love ♥

8) Momoko/Airi hahaa!

9) *laughs* I'm fangirling over Airi though if you had like Miyabi it'd be something to really boast about too right? or even Takahashi Ai or something o_o;....oh I'm thinking too much into this!!

10) Maimi'd treat you nice too right? Kuku

Yes yes! You guys should do this too! it's fun actually haha though I can see how bias I am towards the members but I'm sorry I just don't know that much about Morning Musume afterall!

But the choices for the interview by the members are really funny anyway!
Hope you enjoyed reading it!


  1. Q1) Chisato and Mai - The new W
    Q2-1) Miyabi and Takahashi
    Q2-2) Captain - Who else could it possibly be?
    Q2-3) Momoko - She speaks so fast on her radio show
    Q2-4) Chisa, Miya and Momo
    Q2-5) Airi and Yuuka
    Q2-6) Miya
    Q3) ?
    Q4) Captain and Maimi
    Q5) Mai
    Q6) Maasa
    Q7) Chisa - Dog suit ;)
    Q8) Momoko - Though I would love for Chisa and Momo to be a comedy duo
    Q9) I'm not sure I don't think like a male.
    Q10) Chisa or Maimi

  2. I was wondering if you were going to translate the reasons for the answers they chose?

  3. Usaa
    xD ohh that's probably why many members want Chisa as a pet, wasn't she just soo cute?
    and yeah that was why I was stuck too for number 9 xD good answers

    oh I didn't know they had reasons xD I only found this, well if so could you give us the link and we'll see if Risu can do it^^

  4. For C-ute:

    For Berryz:

    For Smileage:

    Sorry I can't find the ones for Morning

  5. For C-ute:

    For Berryz:

    For Smileage:

    I can't find it for Morning

  6. Q1--CS3 Dance Power--Chinami and the three Sakis (Captain, Nakki and Ogawa)



    -All of them should be on the first few pages including Morning Musume.