Sunday, 19 September 2010

RisUsa taking a step towards Japan 8D Japan Matsuri

Yesterday there was a Japan Matsuri, in other words a Japanese Festival which Risu and I went to~
it was really fun^^

some pictures to share~
the reeallly cute drummers, they were little children
we managed to catch a few performances before they finished
there was a little boy (bottom right corner) with the cymbals and he danced while playing~

our lunch
Risu's Sushi and Usa's Macha Mango Icecream
twas Usaa's first time trying macha....and it was verrry bitter! the ice cream evened it out though^^
sorry Airi can't say it's my favourite, but it has a nice aftertaste xD

there was a big wall to draw on
so Risu drew Airi xD
and wrote Buono at the bottom

Usa doing calligraphy!
the nice japanese girl showed me how to write what I want
'UsaTEN aishiteru'
which was to thank followers and fans!
Risu wrote Risuten too, but I don't have a pic unfortunately
(Erm erm I'll scan it in one day xD)
Usa going Yoyo fishing!
basically you pay £1 and they give you a hook on paper and you have to try fish a water yoyo out without the hook breaking
notice it was just little kids playing it then you have Usaa...xD;

Yatta! I did itt
Usa and the water Yoyo <3

Samurai armour


this is random but mitte! Pochama!!

annd saved the best til last xD
at the Matsuri there were lots of Japanese students in uniforrm standing around or helping out

Risu: Ano...sumimasen...shashin wo totte mo ii desuka?
(Erm...excuse it ok if we take a picture with you?)
Guy on the far left: ....ii desuka? (Turns around)
(Is it ok?)
Guy next to him: Wahhh *blablablabala*
(They start to be awkward and argue amongst themselves)
Risu: ER......
Guy on the far left: ....ii desuyo. *nods*
(It's fine)
Risu: AH! Hai hai~
Guy on the right: Isshou ni? isshou ni?
(Together? together?)
Risu: Hai hai isshou ni isshou ni!!!
(Yes yes together together!!)
yatta! xD

hope you enjoyed the post~


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I want to go to a Japanese matsuri some day...

  2. Usaa
    it was^^ oo maybe you'll have one near you, or a Japanese festival of some sort, if you look around there are looads =]