Sunday, 19 September 2010

Polls! Which song do you think was the best debut single?

Sakura Chirari 43% (34)
Anata Nashe de wa Ikite Yukenai 24% (19)
Yume Miru 15 sai 18% (15)
Morning Coffee 11% (9)
Otome no Inori 2% (5)
Total votes 79

I'm SO sorry for not active, gomenasai gomenasai! However Risu and I have been very busy with school and studying, we're entering a very important year ><
so thank you for still coming and understanding

but anyways debut single!
the single that officially marks you as a proper band!

Sakura Chirari very very easily gets into your head, as I'm typing this I'm singing sakura chirari, naaamida na do~ *with the hand actions* you can't really go wrong with this song, simple tune and steps, and I do love Airi's first lines, I remember reading someones blog who said they always played the first 30 secs over and over xDD

Anata Nashe de wa Ikite Yukenai, honestly this name, I can never remember it! I just refer it to Anata N.... this is quite different and not a simple one like Sakura Chi, cause it's quite original, upbeaty, and I always hear Berryz talk about how hard the dance was (looks it too)

Yume Miru 15 sai is also another very catchy song, the instrumental sticks in my head, and their funny hand movements, I would like this more, if they did better on the high notes... Tsunku loves giving them really high notes that they can't properly reach doesn't he...

tbh I've never heard Morning Coffee or Otome no Inori..or I might have heard a bit, but the tune doesn't stick...but for both artists their style has come a looong way

Once again thanks for voting everyone!!
next time it's What is the best number for a group? please participatee!

Yes Yes! Congratulations Sakura Chihari!
Yes I must apologize tooo x( Been so busy and stressed very very very sorry! I try my best to translate whenever I can so I'm very very sorryyy

Anyway, personally I'm not much of a fan of sakura chihari, I prefer C-ute's indie songs before.
My favourite? favourite... it'd be either Anata nashi de wa ikite yukenai or Yumemiru 15 sai
and I'm like Usagi in which.. I don't really listen to Otome no Inori and I've never heard of Morning Coffee either

Please vote in this next poll~ Thank you very much for being patient with us



  1. Gambare !! And thank you for your hard work ;)

  2. Thank you for supporting us as always >_<! -Risu