Saturday, 4 September 2010

Translations; Junjun 2010.09.04

[2010.9.4] Love yourself health nutrition..


Noodle noodles..

Recently..Junjun’s been sticking to getting up early and making her own breakfast..
Into the rehearsal period..need to be nutritious..
(*^__^*)Haha……Junjun has said before to be a self doting woman[laugh]

Our agent has especially bought a pizza for everyone..
Giving everyone more strength..

Today Ai is not here because she has other jobs..
Even if we’re just missing one person it still feels a bit empty..ah。.
This is presently 8nin musume with love。

ps' tomorrow everyone will be here..

anoo I thiink the line 'This is presently 8nin musume with love。 ' is a pun, cause Ai's name means love, and she's saying that Ai is there in that picture xD


  1. Omg... it looks really delicious x33

    Can I request something? I want to know how say the song "Seishun song" singing by Yajima Maimi (ºC-ute) but I don't find the translation... Can u translate it for me? Thank you so much!! :33

  2. Ahhhh... it looks good (=///=)♥

    And I've been wondering... would you like to become affiliates?