Monday, 27 September 2010

Polls! What is the best number for a group?

5 38% (18)
7 23% (11)
3 17% (8)
8+ 12% (6)
4 6% (3)
6 2% (1)
Total votes 47

5ninn new C-ute! It is good since each member gets a lil more attention, or the covers won't look so crowded xD
3nin Buono! I think this will be my preferred number, cause then each member really gets even lines and more attention, and easier to fit everyone in xD
7nin Berryz! or old C-ute *sniffs* but I do like seven cause it's more fun xD with more people, at first I though big numbers were really stupid and annoying, but I've pretty much got used to it now, loads of asian groups have big numbers..
8+nin Momusuuu, well isn't it a struggle to fit them all in? xD but yeah for the group it's probably more fun with biiig numbers, but really most of them are just dancers...
4nin S/mileagee/Guardians4 xD more cover space definitely but there's still favourites, normally 2 get a lil more
6nin C-ute and maybe Momusu? I actually think an old number of members is more interesting..for dance wise anyways xD

sorry it was a random question..
but anyways thanks for voting everyone!!
this time it's still random, what H!P Hair Colour do you Prefer?
since H!P members go through colourful hair, just wondered if people have a preference
please vote~


  1. LOL 5nin more equal line/attention distribution? SHOCK was so the most unfair C-ute single ever, lol. And Berryz has had very fair singles lately (okay, the last C-ute single was pretty fair, too.)
    I want MM to have tons of members and the other groups stay as they are :D

  2. Usaa
    xD well Shock was just an extreme case, and Tsunku must have hit his head xD but normally Chisa don't even get a line and now she gets 3! xD
    yeah Berryz are good sometimes, though overall they're probably the most fairest
    yeah I think only MM should have changeabke numbers

    (blogger is not letting me sign in =.=)

  3. I think it depends on the group! For example, 8+ for Morning Musume is, in my opinion, better because they always have been a big group except for the very beginning. I also think they were at their peak with 10+ members.

    I like the others the way they are.

  4. Usaa
    yeah it was certainly more entertaining xD and I think Morning Musume should always have the biggest number's just their thing! xD