Thursday, 2 September 2010

Translations; Linlin 2010.09.02

Rehearsal in Progress!

Autumn Concert Rehearsal START!!
It’s been a while since I sweated this much in one breath!Haha
Even though it’s physically demanding, I’m really happy!

When I was going home, I saw that the streetlights looked like gems!I quickly got my phone to take a picture,unfortunately……
When you pass this town there really is no light……
Ah,but doesn’t it look beautifully abstract?Haha
Tomorrow I’ll need to get up early again, therefore need to go to sleep!
Everyone should also do their best in school and work!Let’s do our best together!
Happy everyday!
xD she actually wrote 'OH MY GOD' in english
btw in case you were confused (I certainly was xD) she was going home in a car so she took it whilst the car was driving away from the lights

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