Saturday, 4 September 2010

Translations; Linlin 2010.09.03

Today’s Photo Diary

Today’s breakfast is noodles!

It’s made from tofu,healthy and delicious!The best kind of breakfast,HUHU
Make-up finished!

Let’s show some old pictures。
Are these clothes familiar to everyone?
These clothes are from the Sushi photoshoot which I’m sharing with everyone today。
Very Rare
In this pile of food……
It’s not a just tuna rice balls,but ‘Prince Ming’ tuna rice balls,the lovely taste can brighten up your mood,Haha。

Back at home
Recently Linlin’s been addicted to wearing a skirt+straw hat!Isn’t it cute?
Need to do my very very best in tomorrow’s rehearsal too!
Happy everyday!
Linlin looks really pretty in her photos^^
apologies I didn't really understand the tuna kinda went with what I thought..xP

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