Thursday, 2 September 2010

Translations; Junjun 2010.09.02

[2010.9.2]Dress Rehearsal

First picture with little Ai..little Linlin’s cute capture..
But it’s a pity little Linlin’s cut off..
Second time..
Long dance lesson。..
Intense..tired now..
Today’s the start of the Autumn Concert rehearsal..
..It’s the last Morning Musume concert that Junjun will be in..

Hope I can leave a good impression and memories for one another..
and especially hope from now on when everyone watches Morning Musume concerts with the same songs they’ll remember Junjun.. (*^__^*)..content..
Haha <3

As 8nin musume。 the last concert..let’s do our best!

Doing our best from the start of the rehearsals!

ps'tomorrow have to get up early..


the 'peace' could also be translated as 'night'
oh this has made me sad, Junjun I'll miss youuu T^T of course we'll remember you!
pandas forever
this concert will make me sad..dunno if I can watch it, couldn't really watch Erika's one either..

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