Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Translations: C-ute's 686th Blog Entry

1st September~2nd September in Mt Fuji ★ Chisato

℃-ute 公式ブログ/9月1日~9月2日in富士山★千聖 画像1 It's been a day since I saw everyone ♥
I couldn't update yesterday
I'm sorry (-_-'')
But the reason why I couldn't update
I have a reason for that!

Okai Chisato!
Somehow somehow
In the space of two days
I climbed to the top
of Mt Fujiiii!!!
Yeaay ♥
I'm different from Nakajima-san
I'm not half-assed ;D
℃-ute 公式ブログ/9月1日~9月2日in富士山★千聖 画像2℃-ute 公式ブログ/9月1日~9月2日in富士山★千聖 画像3
(ERR she used "hetare" which means "coward" but I'm also assuming it means someone who gives up easily too....too slangy am I being? )
The first picture
Around from 12 o'clock
I started climbing
I took 6 hours to reach
the 8th inn!
Iya~ I was pretty
tired out! (-_-''');
But with my
papa and my friend
together we went
and combined our powers
and swallowed any complaints
and made sure to do our best ♥ヮ♥
We are food at the inn and
I don't know when
we slept because
we fell asleep pretty quickly *laughs*
By the way there isn't any
signal in the inn so I couldn't
write the blog m(_ _)m

And and
on the second day
I wanted to see the sunrise from the peak of the mountain so
we left the inn 
a little early in the morning!!
It was pretty intense
until the 9th inn! *laughs*
The most intense part was the coldness
At this time of the year already,
the atmospheric temperature around the area on
Mt Fuji feels like it's winter *sweatdrops*
It took about 2 hours
to reach the summit of the mountain :)

Picture 1 "Made it to the top!"
Exhauooorsted~ *laughs*

And! We properly ♥ヮ♥
For 3776 Metres :)
We went to the highest peak ♥ヮ♥
From the summit to the highest peak
we walked a bit again (-_-'')
The appearance of the pill of the highest peak
was pretty much too steep *laughs*
It wouldn't be the highest peak if it was easy to get to!
someone said to me *laughs*

It was incredibly steep
and it was a long distance to go however (-_-'')
It felt like such an achievement
when I saw the sunrise ^ヮ^
I thought to myself
I'll feel happiness in everything
I must do my best in everything
at my pace!
I must be grateful
for everything
I thought ^ヮ^

Picture 2. ":) The sunrise :)"
It was really beautiful ^ヮ^ ♥
I was moved (/TヮT\)

And on the way down I still
went down
with my own two feet *laughs*
I was going up so
of course going home...
means going down...^ヮ^;
Going down seems easier
but it's just as much hard as doing up, I asked if
on the way down I have to carry my own body weight + 5 kilos
my body *sweatdrops*
In actuality, if you're going down
it's probably of course more intense
for your feet than going up TヮT
I took 5 hours on the way back
going down >w<

Really really
Going up and down was severe
but it trained my soul!
I said at first that I detested
going up Mt Fuji a bit
Papa took me against my own will
up there ^ヮ^
Now I'm grateful to Papa ♥
I want to go next time

This was a long post I'm sorry (´^`)
But I couldn't
express Mt Fuji's wonderfulness
with just one word \(^ー^)/

Picture 3. (bestShot)

Well then baichaako ♥


That was sooooooooo long...though it was interesting! Personally I'd never do anything like that.. *too lazy* I'm not a nature-y type of person anyway.. so I wouldn't know how to appreciate the sunset too much..xD; 7/TEN-Risu

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