Friday, 10 September 2010

Translations: C-ute's 685th Blog Entry

℃-ute 公式ブログ/克服っ 画像1ConquestGood evening ☆=
It's Maimi

Today I matured in one way ^ヮ^

That is.......

I was able to eat uni

...Lately I've been able to conquest over the foods and drinks I dislike ^ヮ^

℃-ute 公式ブログ/克服っ 画像2Plain Chocolate,

(Though if I add milk with it...^ヮ^;)

And Uni....

I'm really happy I've added up things I can eat you know~ ♪

....Speaking of which, recently I used my own method way of conquesting over things I'm not good with ***

That is~ ♥

I think to myself whilst I eat: "It's delicious!! It's delicious!!" ^ヮ^

With today's Uni too

"Alright!! This is my chance to make a conquest over this! ***"

I thought when I ate it

...However, as I tried eating it

"Ah XoX; It probably is impossible afterall...*sweatdrops*"

I was like...

"Iya!! It's not like that! It's delicious *** It's delicious ***"

I forcibly persuaded myself to eat it

And then

"Huh!? It has a flavour like eggs ♥"

I became like...

"I can do this!!"

My plan for conquest was a succeeded peacefully d(^ヮ^)

This plan is pretty effective! *** ♪

Everyone else, with the food your dislike

Try thinking to yourself while you eat it
"It's delicious *** It's delicious ***" please ♥

I too will steadily decrease the amount of things I dislike ;) ♥


The picture is of today's Uni ♥
(Picture 1)

After that
The valentine's day chocolates I made for the members

Plain Chocolate ♥
(Picture 2)


Erm I'm not sure if it's "plain chocolate" cause literally it's like "raw chocolate" but that sounds funny right? haha... well anyway...

IT'S BEEN A WHILE! I'm sorry! First of all... my internet died.... but then it came back but I was so swamped with school work (art =_=;) that I haven't had time to do any translations sorrry! I don't know if it'll always be like that so be prepared for if I make late updates very very very very sorry!!

Though er don't worry!!! It's part of my course to translate in Japanese so I'll be getting better hopefully! and your translations will be much more accurate!! Ok then!

Well I wish I could conquest over food I hate...I do try it somtimes; I tried very hard to get over sushi and I managed to do it so... I'll keep doing my best Maimi too!! 7/TEN-RisuTEN


  1. yeaah, you're back :) no sweat, just do it your pace

  2. I agree, you're doing a great job anyway xD We all have work that has to come first!

  3. May be she mean about pure chocolate without sugar. since she has problem with coffee too. both are bitter

  4. Thanks you guys ^_^ I'll do my best!!

    Ah also..! Yes yes yes that's the word right? Pure chocolate.. I couldn't think of the word to describe it instead of raw chocolate haha thank you -Risu