Sunday, 19 September 2010

Elegant Risako

these covers has been release a while I know, but thought I should post them anyhow xD
when I first saw the name of Risako's single I though it was ELEPHANT girl, I still do sometimes xDD; so I thought, wth what a weird name for a single....then it wasn't till I was discussing it with Risu that I realized it was ELEGANT girl xD; baka Usagi strikes again

Risako looks really grown up here! and I have mixed feelings about the cover, but overall I think it looks cool, though the hair at the front is a bit strange xD
I think the purple and the dress fits the elegant word well

The green matched Ogawa Mana better than Risako...but I like Risako here, she looks really cute, really reminds me of when she first debuted, to me she was THE cutest H!P kid

I don't like her look here that much.. I prefer her hair up methinks

but I really can't wait to hear a preview, it's been ages! wonder when we get to see something.. I wonder what her PV will be like..
I really think she's Tsunku's favourite, she's the first out of the H!P kids to get a solo pv!

Hahahaha I laughed because I actually keep thinking it's Elephant girl too! But I love this look Risako is giving out since I prefer her without a fringe. She does the pouty look very well~ I'm quite excited for this actually!~

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