Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Translations: C-ute's 687th Blog Entry

℃-ute 公式ブログ/THE 爆笑! 画像1THE roar of laughterOtsukareeraisu ♥♥
Today right, at school
We did weeding ^ヮ^ ♥
Iya~ It was seriously too hot *laughs*
On top of that, at the beginning
there was a number of times my friends and me weren't motivated but gradually we welled up and already whilst singing a soran song
we weeded ^ヮ^;
A number of times we were too hyper, well to make the school beautiful
it a good thing so~ ^ヮ^ ♥ *laughs*
After we finished, our teacher gave us pokari and tea ♥ヮ♥!!
Thank god thank god >w< *laughs*

After that, today
school finished early so
I hung out with my friends ♥ヮ♥ ☻
It was seriously fun! ♥♥
THE roar of laughter ^ヮ^!!!!
There together
We went to watch
the Sorcerer's Apprentice (^o^ゞ
It was funny ^ヮ^ ♥
I want to be a sorcerer~ ♥ヮ♥!!! *laughs*

From tommorow morning
we have practice for the big
class skipping rope jump so...
shouldn't I be sleeping earlier~ :3 !
Well then well then Hagi-chan
will go to eat dinner with her family right?
Bai bai saa~ (^ヮ^)o


Weeding? that's like child labour. Hahaha well er that's why schools here have gardeners!..though I guess it's cheaper ..and teaches kids to weed...well poor Mai Mai anyway...! 8/TEN-Risu

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