Friday, 22 October 2010

Berryz Kobo - Chotto Samishi Preview (Kinda)

We get to hear a preview of the bside to Berryz soon to be released single Shining Power! Momo plays it on her radio show, but as you can see in the title it's only kinda xD;
Momo not that I don't love your voice, but...did you have to talk over it? xD;
well I guess it sorta makes the fans want to hear it even more..I think
but from what I coould hear, I very much liked the sound of it, I have a feeling I'll like the bside better than the a side. so can't wait to hear this more clearly! The intro is especially soothing, I kind of wish their aside is a slower song, Berryz have very nice ballads, juust behind Buono! in my opinion

I was thinking of berryz upcoming single, I predict over this week or perhaps next we'll get the PV preview and around the beginning of November the full PV will be out! let's see if my predictions are right shall we? xD
um 8/10 so far? though you couldn't hear the song so much

1 comment:

  1. it was only the background music while ending the radioshow :P

    we'll get to see the on 10/25 courtesy of upfrontchannel