Friday, 8 October 2010

Usaa's Video Corner! 34 ~Qian Lin

omg omg omg soooo cute!
Chibi Linlin! performing!
I've heard that she started from a young age, and boy she was so talented then too!
the song and performance is sooo cute 100/10
I dunno why she just didn't stay in China and perform xDD

jaan~ sorry about the bad quality.. but the sound qualitys is still good. when she stops dancing you can see her face clearly
xDD her impression, she looves doing it, she must have been practicing for years noww
cause I first watched her to the impression of a famous chinese guy in Yorosen
and it sounds exactly the same as here xD

awww I reeeallly hope you continue singing Linlin, you're too talented to stop!

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