Saturday, 16 October 2010

C-ute - Aitai Lonely Christmas Outfits

Wah so early!
At least I thiink they're the outfits, certainly looks it
I really like these! suits the song very well
my favourite is actually Maimai here! she looks so cute
Airi's in the middle again, not a big surprise I guess

I'm very very excited for C-ute's first ballad single!
and it's looking good^^

Yup yup I agree! Very cute outfits! Can't wait to see it all eh
I think the pink out of the white suits Maimai since she's the youngest eh?
My favourite outfit could be Airi's (just cause of the hat maybe) but ah that jumper Maimi is wearing is quite cute too!

1 comment:

  1. I can´t wait for that single too.

    I love Chissa here (it´s not a big surprise too lol) and Nakky, Mai (i agree with you, the best here) and Airi look so cute....I see Maimi a bit tired or something but she is Ok in the pic