Sunday, 17 October 2010

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ♥ The third day...(Airi ^ヮ^) *

℃-ute 公式ブログ/3日目…(あいり) 画像1Good evening ♥
It's Suzuki Airi ^ヮ^

The third day ended peacefully~ ^ヮ^

Everyday goes past
with a blink of an eye...>w<;

Time flies
when you're having fun right?~ ^ヮ^;

Today I went to school
and the musical but ^ヮ^

I couldn't follow in maths
so I was panicking! T~T ♥ *laughs*

and it'll keep continuing onwards too >_<

The thing I'm doing now
is Quadratic inequalities...??
Huh? The Quadratic function?? (´^`) ♥

Even that I don't understand ^ヮ^;
I intend to take up supplementary lessons
after school when the musical ends >w< *laughs*

In Science A too
Before I had a small test
but I had work so I couldn't do it
I must do it soon~ >w<

I have to do chemistry and such
that kind of feeling >w< ♥

Well, for science
the teacher is my homeroom teacher so
I can always ask her ^ヮ^

I think when I think
I'm not good at it...

Well, it certainly gets hard but
when you've accomplished something, that feeling of accomplishment
I really love it ^ヮ^

I want to clear them one by one
and grow so ^ヮ^
I'll do my best ♥ *laughs*

Well, tommorow we have three performances ^ヮ^!!
It's early morning so
I'll sleep ♥

Goodnight!! ♥ヮ♥


AHHHHHHHHHH what a good idol TwT always doing your best!!!! I FEEL YOUR PAIN AIRI!!! and I actually mean it. Only 2 hours ago before I started translating, I was doing my maths homework and a part of it was Quadratic Inequalities -_-;;; it was quite confusing.......  yet I think I understood it? though I only got like 70%.. yet I got 100% in the circle geometry stuff which is increeeeeedibly confusing =ヮ=;;; erm well anyway, if Airi is gonna do her best in Maths then so will I!!! (Huh I find it amazing we're learning the same stuff ((possibly Usagi too?)) since I wouldn't understand if Airi would be in my year group or not... though I think she would be... Ahhhh! Yet if I went to Japan I'd be in the year above haha... Yeah I think about this sort of stuff) 9/TEN-Risu

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