Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Polls! ~What News do you most look forward to?

Sorry for the lateness of this x(

Singles 56% (27)
Concerts 27% (13)
Albums 10% (5)
Events 6% (3)
Total Votes 48

Yes I'd have to agree singles are the most antcipated for me too! cause then you'd get 2 new songs, a PV and new costumes^^ and basically they should get more attention

though next for me would have to be album, cause of loads of new songs to listen to~ but also cause I can't really go to concerts (yet) so it kinda doesn't matter to me too much *sniff* but one day!

events...I dunno, I never really think much about it, though I guess it's where you can meet the members, and is there handshake event too? though once again I can't really go so not much difference to me xD;

though if I was to go Japan I'd want to time it so I could go to a concert and maybe an event!

Thanks for voting minna!
this next poll kinda came to me just now, maybe cause I'm annoyed with the lack of Berryz attention, or maybe I'm just annoyed with the amount of Smileage attention xD; (before Smileage it was amount of Mano attention) but ya, I wonder if you guys have the same opinions as me
Next poll is What should Tsunku and UFA do? please vote!

Yes yes! I look forward to singles the most because it's like a sudden awakening after a long time being asleep right?... Well besides it means a new song and everything but yeah I also agree that I look forward to albums next too because more songs!!
Well it's the exact same really, because we can't go to a concert or an event I don't really look forward to it much and I don't really have much time to watch concerts and events all the time so I can't look forward to them as much although Buono! concerts are a complete exception because they are always amazing to watch so I do look forward to them very much.
(Remember November 10th for their latest Concert people!!!)

Erm erm yes please vote on our next poll~

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