Saturday, 9 October 2010

Elegant Girl PV

I was really excited for this PV and was guessing the days when it's coming out xD

She looks stunning in it, soo pretty!
and I think when she has her hair down and is standing up, she looks quite different! or really grown up
xD and the lamb made me laugh

for the song itself, when I listened to the beginning I thought it was totally different to the sound from the preview xD more upbeat than I thought.
the tune's ok, and she sings fairly well
they really love giving her high notes... she handles them ok here..but dunno about lives
I think the song is for a drama more than anime myself xD, seems quite mature.
I also watched Oshare My Dream, which is the other song in the double a side, which is quite different, more anime like I think xD and for children. the song's more typical, colourful and happy xD I've never really listened to Ogawa Mana, her voice is quite good, but I think I prefer Risakos.

but I thought I should share Risako's first solo song REAL LOVE
you can see how her singing's changed, she sings deeper now and I think has improved
though Real Love is still good

um I think overall a 8/10, the pv is really high quality!
it's a big step for H!P, her first solo PV! xD
Thanks Keksi for showing me Ai's pv, I seriously didn't know! xP
but it is a first for H!P Kids, so Risako is still favourited xD


  1. "... even members in Morning Musume don't have an actual solo single. "
    Um, have you never heard Yume Kara Samete, Aichan's solo single?
    I'll give you a link to it:

  2. Usaa
    ah gomen! I didn't know. thanks for the link