Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ♪ Musical dance

℃-ute 公式ブログ/ミュージカル・ダンス 画像1℃-ute 公式ブログ/ミュージカル・ダンス 画像2℃-ute 公式ブログ/ミュージカル・ダンス 画像3
Good evening ☆=
It's Maimi

Sorry this is an update late at night XoX

Finally today

"C-utie Musical [Akuma no tsubuyaki]~ Akuma de Kyuuto na seishun Graffiti~"

the closing day ended peacefully.

The me who loves concerts and plays...

The decision for us to be able to do a musical

I had been looking forward to it for a whiile.

However my real feelings on doing a musical!!

it was far more difficult than I thought ,

singing, dancing, acting...

This is all just from my point of view!! with that it was a really hard fight

From the beginning, everything was unfinished and I was super worried.

Being taught by our dance teacher Maki-sensei....

Our singing was 50 points, our dancing was 50 points, what we aim for is more than 100 points together

Together we want 100 points on singing, 100 points on dancing, making 200 points in total!!

If precisely each person can do it then we'll make a large number of points!!

...I think these are amazing words she said to us ^ヮ^

With regards to our dance, from before we started the training

"So be off doing this seriously ok!!" (<- I think)
"Ah!! By the way, the words 'I can't do it!!' 'This is impossible!!' your teacher hates these words the most ok!!"

sait to us with a smile ^ヮ^;

Maki-sensei has helped us with Hello! Project's concerts but

she gets angry often and she gives this super scary impression ^ヮ^;

That's why
"I can dance more than I thought!!"
 Our teacher told us to think so we could do our best!!

Everyone had said.

But this time we were able to do the musical together,

We felt a lot of Maki-sensei's affection.

Really with all her might she's here for our sake

As for me, this time, I was able to do the handspring in this musical but

At the beginning, the landing was incredibly clumsy *panicks*

But Maki-sensei said to me: "Don't worry!! Until the real thing, you'll be absolutely be able to do it so let's practice together ***",

so then on, KABUKI-MON (Maki-sensei's theatrical company she belongs to) together, before the real thing, on the stage, we did muscle training and I followed their lead to practice my hand spring.

Before the real thing too, they gave out a voice to me and it was really reassuring *** "If you think you can do it then you'll be able to do it!!"

And one more...
Everyone in Romatara!!
(In the musical, they are C-ute's dance battle rivals!!)

Geez, everyone was really amazing...T~T

As always always, one hour before we gathered up and went into training, since I would end up sweating, I felt I had to turn down joining in with their dances every day XoX;

I was really in a hurry for that *panicks*

I could see the shape of their great efforts was really dazzling *panicks*

"We can't lose to them!!" I said together with C-ute and as we danced together

Having the mind of a good rival, we were able to dance in the musical!!

with that, we were able to grow because of it right?.. T~T

...With that, I wanted to write about singing and acting too but

It's already become so long (XoX) (XoX) (XoX)
I'm sorry *panicks*

I'll write tommorow about singing and acting in the blog ok? ***

I just noticed it's already this late ^ヮ^;

Excuse me XoX;

Everyone who came to see C-ute's first musical...

everyone who supported us but couldn't come too...

thank you very much *** ^ヮ^

Well then well then see you tommorow ♪ ^ヮ^

Good night (zzz)

Picture 1
From the staff, we had a celebratory cake for the last day

Picture 2
Our dance teacher
Mitsubachi Maki-san ***

Picture 3
I was surprised by this!!

Today, I got a mail from my cousin,

From her friend who lives in New York, C-ute was in the American Japanese newspaper!!

she mailed me ***

she told me ^ヮ^ ♥
I was incredibly happy so I posted it up ^^

Hyoudou Yuki-san...thank you very much T~T


Aww C-ute appeared in the newspaper! (that kinda reminds me when my dad brought home a Japanese newspaper for me to read...though there was nothing about idols and stuff in it haha) 8/TEN-Risu


  1. I wonder if this is the newspaper she was talking about...


    thanks for all the translations!!

  2. Oo that might be it! Thanks for that!! And np! -Risu

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