Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ♥ Final day...>_< (Airi)

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Good evening ♥
This has become a late update sorry >_<
It's Suzuki Airi ^ヮ^♥

The final day of the musical
has ended peacefully!! >_< ♥

From beginning the training
until today...
It's really gone by with a blink of an eye >_<

In this musical
I remember in the beginning we first started
training for the songs but....>w<
In that first training
I myself couldn't sing it
the way they do in a musical easily
so I was super frustrated...

♪ "Remember you"
that song I think of
my mother... and
♪ "A small thing"
In that song, at the end I turn
towards the lily (?)

how do I do that interval and such
more than those kind of things
I had to put important stress on those feelings...

Even when I knew that
I couldn't express it easily >_< ...
Being frustrated
when it seems like I was going to cry, my voice wouldn't come out...
I didn't know what to do...>_<

that was the first day but >w< ...
Our singing coach Hirono-san and
Hatake-san coached me
a lot ^ヮ^...

I'm really
still not quite there yet but...
I feel like I've torned down
that one wall again that's blocking my way infront of me ^ヮ^

thank you very much ♥

There's been a number of times
I had these feelings piling up in me,
today somehow
though it was myself singing it I understood so much
that I put my emotion into it ^ヮ^...
I cried!! ♥ヮ♥; *laughs*
Just a little...
After one whole week
I was able to do it ehh...>_< ♥

And performing with us
Oota-sam ♥

This is the first time I had the leading part
so as I was really nervous
Oota-san gave me
lots of guidance ^ヮ^...

This time I played Lily...♥
as I was reading the book, to Oota-san

I want you to give out the feeling
Airi-chan always gives us ^ヮ^

he said to me ♥...
I feel I'll do my best >w< ...

But trying to do it with my real feelings
it's a role that's similiar to myself so
I understood that it was going
to be difficult for me to act >w<;

We were able to have lots of
guidance from Mitsubachi Maki-sensei
who always helps us with the Hello! Con
and D4 with the dances ^ヮ^

I love the dances...afterall ♥!!
But..I think there were a number of times
we had to polish up the dances >_<

Everyday we were overwhelmed
with worry about the 5 people in
C-ute's performance ^ヮ^;

We took in a lot of encouragement ♥ *laughs*

Thank you very much ^ヮ^...

All of the co-stars...
With the incredible support from everyone
we were able to make this play together
I was really happy ♥

I love everyone!! ^ヮ^

Everything I learnt this time, one by one
I tried to not let it overflow and fall
towards the next stage
I want to move forward one step at a time
I feel ^ヮ^

All of the staff...
and everyone who came to see us...
thank you very much ♥

Well then...today again
I'll babble babble some babu...*laughs*
Tommorow I'm finishing up
with the C-ute members ♥♥♥

I look forward to it ^ヮ^ *laughs*

And!! ^ヮ^
the 200th Volume of UTB is up for sale!! ♥ヮ♥

I get to appear on the front cover
alongside with AKB48's Watanabe Mayu-chan ♥

Definitely please check it out ok? ♥♥♥

Well then!! ^ヮ^
From tommorow too
try not to lose to the devil's whispers
Let's do our best ♥ *laughs*

Good night ♥♥♥


....that was so long...but you could feel the emotion Airi had right? And ohhh I see... she didn't cry cause she was sad on the last post, she was just able  to cry right? She had to cry in her song? Well I'm not sure but wao she got the lead part this time. Congrats to her! I'm glad all went well then! Ok~ last is Maimi... 9/TEN-Risu

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