Tuesday, 19 October 2010

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℃-ute 公式ブログ/ 画像1Good evening (^-^*)/♥

Today we had the musical!

We had three performances

From one look it may seem troublesome but

actually the three performances

went by with a blink of an eye (-_-''')


It was really fun (♥ヮ♥)♥

It's fun ♥ヮ♥

In the musical

Maimi-chan and me

whichever one of us

there's a scene that we do a


At that day, Maimi and me

we get our physical condition and health checked out

and our teacher decides for us

which one of us is going to do it!

Maimi-chan's style of her movement is good so (-3-)

it's really pretty

when she jumps ^ヮ^

I'm jealous~ ;

I want to practice at becoming

good at jumping just like Maimi-chan

I feel!

Uu ;
My muscle ache kinda aches *laughs*
I'll fight myself >w<

Well then baichaako


Awww don't worry Chisato! I bet you do it just as beautifully as Maimi-chan : ) Work hard!! 8/TEN -Risu

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