Saturday, 9 October 2010

Polls! Which H!P Hair colour do you prefer?

Back to Black
Black 59% (35)
Dark Brown 20% (12)
Light Brown 16% (10)
Red 3% (2)
Blonde 0% (0)
Total Votes 59

I decided to use C-ute cause they all have black hair xD there's S/mileage too I guess
do you see the connection? the younger groups have black hair and older groups have more variation
..random connection but I always think that xD
but I think S/mileage might dye their hair later on... my guess is Wada..

But yeah black simple black^^ au naturel
for me seeing lots of members look stunning with brown hair, makes me reallly want brown hair, but being afraid of roots, never dyed my hair xD
but seeing Airi and her lovely long black hair, makes me think black can look nice too! so thanks Airi xD
I loooved Maimi's long straight black hair too, would kill to have that

Dark Brown
Let's see Miyabi's had/has it (not really sure about her current shade xD)
Kamei, Linlin, Junjun, Ai, Gaki, Captain, Yurina, Chii ... etc?
they all look like models~
the most common dyed colour I think, cause it's not too different, yet it's also a change

Light Brown
Now Miyabi's definitely had it, and Reina too
I think certain people can pull this off really well, to me light brown's better with lighter skin
kinda reminds me of a doll this colour xD

hmm I don't know if anyone's actually dyed their hair red..
but there's sorta a thin line between red and brown
I thought Miyabi had red hair at first in Kiss Kiss Kiss, and perhaps Gachinko, sometimes it looks it
I'm sure someone's had it though, and OG probs
I don't know why more members don't dye their hair red, it's a really nice colour!
and since no one has it they'd really stand out
I'd like reddish brown myself

Yaguchi and Yossie had blonde, you'd think it'll look really alien
but when you actually see the person it's not too weird xD that's what I think
it's a reallly daring colour though guess the members aren't bold enough to have it xD
though Miyabi's hair's getting lighter and lighter...

excuse me for rambling.. really xD
not one of my finest posts, but poll posts are now tradition
Thank you for voting everyone!

Next poll
What News do you most look forward to?
please vote^^

Yes! Black hair. I like Brown or Black hair too though it also depends on what shade of brown it is too right? I kinda want to dye my hair a lighter brown though to be honest, I like my black hair too (I think it's to do with when I'm drawing myself anyway)
I hope Airi never changes her hair kyahaaa >w<
But all of the members have pretty hair anyway ♥

Yes yes please vote in the next poll!

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