Sunday, 10 October 2010

Translations: C-ute's Blog- Happening XoX

℃-ute 公式ブログ/ハプニング 画像1Hello☺

It's Maimi

Today it's likely to rain...

Despite this, my pet dog Aroma has run away again...(-3-;)

Aroma hates staying in the house, everytime we go out of the house she runs before our feet and runs away.

She always runs away like this but

Today she was troubled by the rain it seems.

She ran thinking she'd go out of the house but then she stopped, froze and stayed still *laughs* ^ヮ^;

Although my dad immediately caught her, her feet was full of mud...XoX

He lost time washing her feet!...^ヮ^;

Changing subjects, this morning my mum:

"Mai~...look, look!!"

...she was in the middle of washing her face, the foam on her face was pure white. She appeared infront of me just like this ^ヮ^;

"Koron (my pet dog) was surprised and ran away~ ^ヮ^;;"

She came and told me!!

Yeah ^ヮ^; well she would run away from that right?...^ヮ^;

And yesterday night this kind of thing happened...☆=

Coming home yesterday, my mum came to pick me up with her car but

All of a sudden
"Huh? where's the cup holder!!!!"

the car has a cup holder built with it...

"It's somehow disappeared, it can't's not here (XoX) (XoX) (XoX)!! It's really not here (XoX)(XoX)(XoX)"

"How comes!?" I thought and

"Ah ♥ It's here ^ヮ^"

My mum for some reason lifted up the wet tissues!!

"Eh!? why the wet tissues!?"

I thought and when I looked closer and closer

Under the wet tissues was the cup holder...!!!!

If you're finding this hard to understand, I'll explain

the shape of the wet tissues was a cylinder-like shape so probably my mum put it in the cup holder,

Her intension was whenever she needed to take out a wet tissue she'd take it from the cup holder...

She takes it from the cup holder right...(-3-;)

I didn't notice this, that my mum uses the cup holder for her wet tissues... ^ヮ^;

This kind of thing happened~...^ヮ^;

In the first place, the cup holder is something we use anywayyy~ *sweatdrops*

...speaking of which, I got anxious wondering if I'd remember this so my mum sent me a picture of it again

It's this

I noticed this has ended up as another long post but...

thank you for reading it ^ヮ^***

I think there are a lot of people with a 3 day holiday but

let's enjoy it together ok? ^ヮ^ ♥


Aww I do miss Maimi's cute little stories hehe. 8.5/TEN-Risu

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