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Translations: C-ute's Blog- Musical's songs, performing

℃-ute 公式ブログ/ミュージカル・歌、お芝居 画像1℃-ute 公式ブログ/ミュージカル・歌、お芝居 画像2℃-ute 公式ブログ/ミュージカル・歌、お芝居 画像3Good morning ☺
It's Maimi

Well then well then continuing from yesterday...^ヮ^

Yesterday, the closing day finished

"C-utie musical 'Akuma no tsubuyaki~' Akuma de Kyuuto na Seishun Graffiti~"

I was able to write about the dances yesterday so

today is songs and performing *** ♪

First of all, I was the most anxious about the songs!!

Personally, this wasthe first time I've done a musical

Giving out your voice was different than from a concert in a musical...

I had heard that so...^ヮ^;

It was my first experience in performing a song for a musical too!!

Our song coach
was the music producer Hatake-san and
Hirono Yuki-san who was co-starring with us too.

I was worried in my first training for the songs and I was nothing but nervous but
Hatake-san was telling me:

"I see!! It'll be ok if you have fun as you sing ***"

and I jumped over my anxiety as I remembered this ^ヮ^

After that, I already was having fun and more fun singing ^ヮ^

Hirono-san came and told me that once I feel my voice gradually gets louder

It'll feel good being able to sing well ^ヮ^ ***

And, acting ***

It was a pretty hard fight in the beginning for this too *panicks*

As for me, I play the role
of "Seren" who turns from an Angel into a Demon but

Everything had to be done seriously
and as a bonus, I had to speak with an accent...

During training
the director Oota-san
told me that: "Sometimes you end up talking normally"

I never notice it myself *panicks*
If I think about it, to the extent that I
naturally end up going
"Huh!? It was that kind of intonation huh!?"

After that, I got caught in talking rather than acting,

however there are things I don't really see myself

so I listen to various people's thoughts.

However as I thought
"Although you don't understand some things, just feel you'll be to do something still ok~..."

I was told and I really thought that it'd be better if I reduced the amount of hazy sections I had!!

Surely, I wonder if I overthought it!?!?

For example, if there was no actually barrier, what kind of role would I be conveying, the movements, facial expressions and actions,

"Ah!! so this person has this kind of personality!!"

Those feelings I had to recieve I felt.

That's why if there were no barriers in acting, I wonder what kind of role Seren would be, various things I had thought about.
Thinking about it too much, I feel I end up not being able to move.

More than this person called Seren
Me trying to be Seren, I probably couldn't do it still in the beginning *panicks*

However, at some point, I felt I erased the hazy-ness and I felt I was able to become one with Seren's soul,

this time, a lot of people related to it came to see us but

I was asked from various people:

"Did you come from the north east!?!?"

I was pretty happy they said that ^ヮ^ ♥

Somehow in the space of 10 days, everyday it came to me though the musical is not happening from today!!

That weird feeling,

I still haven't realised my true feelings ^ヮ^;

Today was the last time going to the theatre but

this is proof that it's complete right? ^ヮ^ ***

The part of thinking at the many worries we had, I feel we were able to have fun at the real thing and made lots of memories ♥

I feel I was able to have a lot of good experiences this time.

Being able to have this kind of experience makes me really happy

Collaborating with us and supporting us, the director Oota-san in the beginning, a lot of the stuff, the teachers, all of the co-stars and the members who shared their worries together with me...

and and everyone who came by foot to the theatres

thanks to you all, this musical was a success, to everyone

I have a lot of gratitude ♥ T~T

Again, in the next chance we get, I'll do my best to just be able to grow more

Continuing from yesterday
it's ended up being another long post but

Thank you very much for reading ^ヮ^ ***

I got a lot of comments yesterday too, I was really happy ♥

Well then well then please have an amazing afternoon ok? ♪


Picture 1, with our singing teacher Hirono-san ***

Picture 2, we got to have a band for us *** With everyone in Devil rose  (although I couldn't get it with Sugeta-san *panicks)

From Romatara (A dance team in the musical) Momiyama Sachiko-san and Terawaki-san playing the role of an angel ***

Picture 3 All of the members ♥
I'm happy I was able to do the musical with everyone ^ヮ^ ♪

--------------------------------------- Yes.. glad you learned a lot Maimi!!! 6/TEN -Risu

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