Thursday, 21 October 2010

UTB 200th Issue

I always hear H!P members being featured in UTB, with photospreads and interviews, but apart from that I don't know much about this magazine except it stands for Up To Boy xD

but UTB's on their 200th issue (congratulations!) and Airi's on the cover~
such an honour ne
though they look expressionless..kinda like robots, cute robots, but still, looks a bit scary, especially AKBgirl  xD
she's with an AKB48 girl, if my guess is right her name is Watanabe? something like that, I'm not familar with AKB48 (we're solid H!P fans here!) but I recognize her, I think she's one of the more popular ones

so they're sharing the front cover.. it's funny, it's as if UTB want their 200th issue to sell really well so they choose the popular members from two popular agencies to go on the cover so their sales figure is impressive xD

xD look how much taller Airi is (yay Airi~)
though she's not looking at the camera for some reason
but she really looks adorable here, so that's why I thought I should post it

7/10 for cover, even if the girls look nice, they background is boring, should decorate more but 10/10 for Airi!
p.s. go H!P xD

It's clearly Airi here!! ♥~

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