Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Berryz Kobo - Shining Power Artist Pic Preview

my first thought was, aww noo back to matching costumes

I dunno about these costumes, not my favourite but not too bad
it's not like I hate matching costumes but I much prefer unique ones because in the past Berryz mostly had matching ones, recently they got individual costumes but back to matching
cause I think with unqiue ones the designers spends more thought (and money) into planning it xD
but matching is just like..lets just have little variation in each one
Kinda reminds me a bit of Buono! the red and black xD

second thought..
who's that at the front
and this is like making a mark on history, Risako...not at the front?
she's alway always is for profile picutres!
sure she's been at the back, but at those interviewing things and TV, and even that is rare
Tsunku must be mega promoting Yurina
Yurina does look good though^^ she always does, and her hair is black again! I swear it always switches xD

and since it's small I can't really see little details clearly, like what's that on Miyabi's head? a hat?
Masaa has cool hair, looks like the same as her pic for tomodachi wa tomodachi nanda (but for some reason in the pv it was just plain..)

I don't think this will be my favourite single, but I'm still excited
it's Berryz after all
wonder when the PV's coming out^^

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