Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Berryz Kobo - Shining Power PV

wow earlier than I expected! much earlier
I swear they've just given up on Berryz, well to be they just seem like it, which is totally unfair

ok well. I really don't know what to say xD or rather, do I like this PV or not?
the ping pong made me laugh, that's so random!
and even though this was totally cheap and pretty bland, it would have been much better without the costumes, it didn't match at all! and funnily enough do you know Morning Musume's new clothes? well they'd match this pv perfectly. did the wardrobe mistake them two and give them the wrong costumes? xD

I might be liking the song more, but honestly Berryz deserves better! better PV and clothes, it was sooo out of place
and Yurina did look amazing and I'm really happy that she was the center, she suits it cause she's tallest and if it was Risako she's probably just pout a lot (but I still love you Rii xD)
but I actually prefer Risako's vocals more than Yurinas, or at least I think Yurina didn't sound the best here even if she did look good.

though I think the dance looks good, if only they weren't in those costumes xD;;
and of course Berryz themselves look amazing, Chii and Masaa got quite a bit of screentime~ I like Miya's hair, she's into headbands recently ne, I didn't think I saw Captain a lot which is sad, but she got a longish line xD

overall it was a pretty bad PV, I only like the dance and the girls themselves so 7/10
I don't think this will sell aswell, and then hopefully they'll all see Berryz deserves better!
now I'm counting on C-ute, if they get blanked as well I swear I will write a letter of complaint! xD

I'm the same. Do I like this PV or not? I probably...don't. The main thing about it is the outfits for me too- they just don't match neither the theme of the song? or the PV, especially the background. I wonder if it's just me but I really dislike the outfits they give to our H!P idols sometimes since they seem so random and I wonder what the appeal is sometimes to the outfits, as I type this, all I can think about is Seishun Collection really. Well anyway this is my opinion anyway and there are probably plenty of people who enjoy these costumes anyway!
Personally I like the whole individual-everyday kind of look any day.
I-mean, I've seen them do really cute outfits before (Hint: Buono!~) and it just makes me think they really must run on a low budget or something.

Well enough bitching about the costumes but overall actually, you can see how gorgeous the girls have become! From the group picture, I thought Kumai looked weird but in the PV I can see she actually looks really pretty but you know what? They all do here!
The ping pong bit was random as hell but I guess it somewhat livened up the PV though overall I didn't really enjoy watching it -I was even playing my DS at the same time, the most I liked was just admiring how pretty they were excluding the outfits.

Despite this, I've also grown to love the song more I think

But of course this is my opinion, tell us what you think? You probably disagree loads and even love this PV but feel free to share with us : )

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  1. Thankfully looks like there's a bit more effort for Lonely Christmas PV.. ^^; check Maimi's latest post.