Monday, 25 October 2010

C-ute - Aitai Lonely Christmas Pictures

wooow it's out early! before Berryz too, which is funny cause Berryz single is out in two weeks and C-utes is out in a few months..which makes me think does Berryz even have individual artist pics?

but anyways this is about C-ute

really like these outfits^^ and they actually suit the single really well

is it me or does Maimi look more tired recently? must be super busy
love her poncho! so cute

Love her outfit! though the scarf and hat reminds me of Airi in their special best album
and she looks great too

I actually thought her outfit looks a bit plain, cause it's mainly white
but she still looks good
seems like she hasn't had her hair down in ages, it's good like this
her hat reminds me of Russian hats xD
want her boots! they match maimi's poncho xD

Is it me or Chisa's dyed her hair? I always lose track
but doesn't she look more grown up now, really like her hair down like this^^

I like the pink! makes it more different
and she just looks adorable here!

These costumes really are festive! it's freeezing here in UK
and call me slow but I realized they all have hats xD it's really cute
Risu and I looove winter accessories
though I still think it's funny that they're in warm clothes but have leg showing, I know it's a fashion thing, but I still think it's funny xD

though I want piece from all their outfits
I think my fave is Nakki and Mai, picture wise as well~ hope they get lots of screen time!

Yup yup I do like these outfits and I admit my favourite outfit is still Airi's though I like how Chisa is all brown and Mai is all pink but with Chisa having brown hair and a brown hat makes me keep thinking like they just put a brown screentone over her face or something hyahya.
I also like Nakkii's outfit too.
Can't wait to hear a preview of this song~

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