Saturday, 9 October 2010

Berryz Kobo - Shining Power Full Preview

two months before release....
I swear if they always release the full one this early, then...wouldn't people be less inclined to buy it? cause they can just have a rip

but anyways

I actually really like the beginning..dunno why xD
but wow Yurina has lots of lines! more than risako! this has never happened before, only once did Miyabi get a little more line than Risako (if you could special generations woow wow wow yeah)
but I'm glad for Yurina I guess
but I didn't think she sang the best she could..
I think if it was a Momo/Miya lead it would have been better
Chii, Masaa and Captain have one line each..better than nothing I guess, but they could do with more.

I'm a little disappointed tbh, cause this song doesn't really grab me, and I think Berryz can do better. Or Tsunku could give them a better song, hope he won't forget berryz in all his s/mileageness =.=
the singing wasn't amazing, and wasn't sure about Yurina's last word of her solo verse
even Miyabi, my favourite and who I always think sings the best, I thought she could sing it better.
I prefer Maji Bomber, that was in my head for aages after just listening to it once.

I'm still looking forward to the pv, want to see the costumes, and the bside, which to me sounds like a ballad..Chotto Samishii. but ya never know

still 7.5/10 not the best berryz single I think

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