Friday, 8 October 2010

Usaa's Video Corner! 33 ~Ganbacchae Kids!

A trip down memory lane...sorta
I only started following H!P I think from two years ago..or was it three? It was before MY BOY and after Seishun Bus Guide
So the kids were pretty much grown up then
I wonder would I have liked Berryz and C-ute if I started following them from the start? probably not..I think.. cause they were too young then
but now I loove to watch their old vids, it's funny you see how much they've changed

and here's their first proper video! just as H!P Kids before Berryz and C-ute was founded 
soo soo so cute

they're all really cuute and part of why I love the song Ganbacchae is cause you can hear the kids sing the sings happily, and I can picture them holding hands and swaying sideways
I think to me the cutest H!P kids has to be Risako, just so adorable!
but ofc I love them all

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